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Jane Grigson Trust Award 2016

16/2/16 The winner of the Jane Grigson Trust Award 2016 was announced on Monday 14 March at Quo Vadis:

The Magic Bay Leaf by Alex Andreou

In The Magic Bayleaf, writer, blogger and actor Alex Andreou brilliantly blends memoir, travel writing and food writing to reveal the hidden art of real Greek food. The Magic Bayleaf will be published by Chatto & Windus in Autumn 2017.
The two runners-up were:

A Greedy Queen: Eating with Queen Victoria by Annie Gray
A history of nineteenth-century royal kitchens (to be published by Profile Books in Spring 2017)

On the Side by Ed Smith
A cookbook celebrating side dishes (to be published by Bloomsbury in Spring 2017)


About the Jane Grigson Trust Award

Jane Grigson was one of the greatest twentieth-century food writers that Britain has produced. Her books - especially her ground-breaking Good Things, Vegetable Book and Fruit Book - are still regarded by many leading food writers and cooks as major inspirations for their work.

In honour of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Jane's death, The Jane Grigson Trust has launched an award for new food writers.

Jane's observation on writing, made in the last year of her life, has been a guiding principle in setting up this award:

Writing a book is for me an act of faith and folly. You have a plan of course, but you bluster about in the work, following blindly, one step after another, slogging it out in the early stages. Then suddenly you come across one thing, one reference, one passage, that explains to you why you are writing this particular book, that gives you the theme, that shows you the way. You have in a sense to earn this discovery. It is a reward.

Literary prizes are usually given for newly published works or for books already on sale. The Jane Grigson Award is, however, to be given to a promising new writer ahead of publication in order to help them discover 'one thing, one reference, one passage... that gives you the theme, that shows you the way'.

The £2000 award is made to a writer new to food writing (although they may have written on other subjects) who has already received a commission from a publishing house. In the spirit of Jane, the award is for a non-fiction book on food in the widest sense - so it could be a cook book, memoir, travel, history or anything else for that matter - so long as the primary subject is food.

The Jane Grigson Trust intends that the writer will use the award for further travel/research to deepen their knowledge of their chosen subject in the vital time between gaining a commission and delivery of the script.

The judges for the 2016 Award are:

Geraldene Holt (author, chair of the Jane Grigson Trust); Jill Norman (Jane Grigson's former editor at Penguin, author, Trustee of the JGT); Donald Sloan (Chair of Oxford Gastronomica, Oxford Brookes University's centre for the study of food, drink and culture, Trustee of the JGT); Rowley Leigh (author, chef and Financial Times cookery columnist); Bee Wilson (Sunday Telegraph food columnist and author of four books on food-related topics)

For Rules of Entry, click here

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